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Back in July I Silvia Tolisano’s blog Langwiches led me to Mixbook.  After reading the FAQs I signed up for an account, gave the site a brief workout, tagged it in my Delicious account, and didn’t revisit the tool until today. It’s not that I didn’t agree with Silvia’s recommendation and review of the site (just the opposite is true), however, our middle school is fortunate to have Macs and iPhoto to use to create digital storybooks. (True, iPhoto limits the sharing and collaborative work to in-school, but its a start.)

Today Becky Herl, guest blogger for Richard Byrne’s Free Technology for Teachers, prompted me to take another look at Mixbook and it’s new education program. All of the great features and tools of the original Mixbook are still available along with the ability to set who can view and contribute pages. Finished books can be purchased or you can embed the books into your class website or blog. Mixbook provides a great alternative to the traditional “What I did on vacation” assignment as well as a vehicle for students to practice the skills of desktop publishing online.
Where do I wish I was this February? Check out my first attempts at using the tools inside Mixbook.

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

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